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Leadership for a positive impact on the world

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"An amazing week of important insights, conversations with extraordinary people, most delicious food and rich nature experiences" Lina Daniene, Swedbank, Lithuania

An inspiring place to find direction

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Powered by the Cretan sunshine, the ESA is based in a beautiful building located in an ancient olive grove in Drapanos. Its construction is an inspiring example of sustainable principles in practice. That makes it the perfect setting for your executive team to switch off the smartphones and focus on making your company fit for the future.

Leading a business fit for the future

May 23rd-26th Leadership Course

As a top executive leading sustainability change within your business, join a small group of your peers to help develop your career and find the most effective ways to get your company to seize the opportunities of being a sustainable and responsible business.

Organised in partnership with Stakeholder Intelligence.

Managing for sustainability

May 3rd-7th Energy 4 Life

This retreat is for people who lead busy, stressful lives who want to boost their energy levels and reach their full potential. Led by Energy 4 Life practitioner Sylvie Goss, it will provide an approach to conscious living, supporting you to become healthier and personally fulfilled.

What we do

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ESA is committed to providing international, high calibre management learning for the development of skills, knowledge and experience necessary to grow organisations through the practical application of sustainable business models.

Sustainable business needs new thinking, innovation and creativity which is rarely provided by mainstream business teaching. ESA founder Sharon Jackson has been teaching and lecturing on sustainable leadership and management since 2000, and believes that busy executives can focus on the principles of sustainability in a more meaningful and practical way when energised by a rich ecological backdrop.