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ESA 5th Women Empowerment – Global Summit

15th – 17th September 2017

Global Summit, Gala Dinner and Awards: Empower, Educate Employ- ENLIGHTEN.

WE2017 will be year 5 of empowering workshops, WE Awards, fine dining gala event, Cretan music and dancing set in the most magical and inspirational place, ESA on a mountain in Crete. People of all ages and backgrounds assemble from all around the world for this amazing and unique annual experience. This year we will build on the previous 4 years' themes of Educate, Empower and Employ by adding the 4th ‘E’ - ENLIGHTEN !


The WE 2017 event will open with the first screening of ESA Founder Sharon Jackson’s TEDx Talk at The Technical University of Crete. TEDx TUC subject was ‘Light Leak’ and how in particular young Greek people, about to graduate and enter the world of work, can find their own ‘golden ribbon’ of light to lead them through the difficult conditions of life in Greece. Understanding how to take advantage of ‘Light Leak’ is important for people of all ages and all nationalities and this is why we have chosen ‘ENLIGHTEN’ as the key theme for this year’s WE Summit.
The ESA Women Empowerment programme is designed for women to learn techniques for empowering themselves and men, and vice versa. Join us for a weekend of enlightenment and learn how to be a ‘LIGHT ATTRACTOR’ and how to ‘MANAGE YOUR GOLDEN RIBBON OF LIGHT’. Hear about techniques to capture and sustain light in your life, and to enlighten those around you for thriving and adapting in a chaotic world!

Tickets now available

This is what one of our attendees from WE 2016 has to say about why you should join us.

ESA contributes to Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Sustainability Network) forum on waste

Sharon Jackson was invited to join more than 40 diverse, passionate Circular Economy and waste reduction professionals at  the Dubai Chamber for an invigorating meeting about Dubai's aim to divert 75% of waste from landfill by 2021. Sharon said "It is amazing how similar the challenges of waste management in a modern day city like Dubai are to an ancient island like Crete. We can all learn from sharing knowledge."


To celebrate Open Source Circular Economy (OSCE) day 2017, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Sustainability Network) and Dulsco joined hands to take the lead in bringing together more than 40 different stakeholders for this important discussions on achieving Dubai Plan 2021: The Place: “A Smart & Sustainable City”. Black Forest Solutions, a German waste management thought leader provided guidance from a global perspective. ESA's Sharon Jackson was invited as the closing key note speaker.


Cretan Natural Treasures

ESA hosts wonderful, intimate and informative evenings each week for guests to be immersed in the experince of Cretan wines, olive oil, food and nature. ESA, Cretan Natural Treasures tour in collaboration with Crete Urban Adventures. Bookings taken for each Thursday.


ESA's Sharon Jackson TEDx Speaker

ESA founder Sharon Jackson was thrilled to be invited as the closing TEDx speaker at The Technical University of Crete, Chania, in May 2017. She said "I am really looking forward to being part of this event - especially because it is happening in my chosen area to set up an international business and my second home, Chania, and because of the long time relationship between ESA-Crete and TUC. I feel very honoured to have been asked to close this important event. We will leave our audience with a unique and memorable closing experience." The link to Sharon's TEDx talk will folllow.



It was a great honour to be the closing speaker at this event.


Star and planet watching Tuesdays at ESA !

We all enjoy getting ready at European Sustainability Academy - Crete for our star-watching 'Night with the Gods' each Tuesday. The area is beautiful in day time with beautiful flower covered meadows of Drapanos and the bees working hard to make their fragrant Cretan honey. At night another wonderous natural show of pure delight starts in the sky!


Circular Economy workshops at ESA

In March 2017, ESA started a series of events and knowledge sharing activities to learn about applying Circular Economy activities in Crete. This innaugural event focussed on brainstorming practical projects for sustainable tourism in action. Issues of WASTE, WATER SHORTAGES and ABANDONED ANIMALS - all PUT TOURISTS OFF! Attendees from  accross Crete, from Athens and UK gathered at ESA to discuss how to address these issues in Crete. This programmme engagaes people in becomming part of creating magical solutions for a healthy circular econony in Crete!



For the second year (2016 and 2017) ESA founder Sharon Jackson was invited to Mumbai, India, at the prestigious World CSR Day at the Taj Hotel, to receive an award in recognition of the global outreach of the work done at ESA.

Sharon said "It was a great surprise and an honour to be awarded for a second year. This award is testament to the collective efforts of colleagues in Crete and around the world who are dedicated to the overarching aspiration of ESA to make a positive impact in the world" .World CSR Day 2017



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Powered only by Cretan sunshine, ESA is a beautiful building rooted in the earth amongst ancient rocks and olive trees, surrounded by nature. Its construction is a leading example of sustainability in practice. ESA is an experiential and creative place where people feel enlivened, uplifted and creative. Great living and great learning happens at ESA. A perfect setting for:

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Home of the Minoans, one of the earliest civilisation on earth, nestled between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Crete is rich with mythology, gastronomy, music, art and agriculture. You can have your own authentic experience of a sustainable lifestyle and feel first hand the strong connection between nature and community. ESA is thrilled to collaborate with Cretan Urban Adventures to co-create an 'immersive experience' for a richer connection with LIFE!