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Bamboo Bicycle 'build and ride Crete' for a Green Future


As part of EU Green Week - Green Cities for a Greener Future, in collaboration with the Bamboo Bicycle Club in London, ESA is hosting a fun, educational event and the FIRST EVER bamboo bike ride East to West of Crete. This is an inclusive event for everyone to take part to learn about the Circular Economy (CE) revolution and how everyone can be part of creating change and #MakeCretePlasticFree.
‘Bamboo Bicycle Club' founders believe that humanity being 'disconnected' from design and creation is a fundamental reason for a 'throwaway' attitude across the planet.



17th to 20th May: 4 BAMBOO BIKES will be built at the beautiful ESA, off-grid, natural materials eco-building, in the Natura 2000 location of Drapanos, Apokoronas.
The 'Bike Build' workshops include students, the local community, tourists and business people.

Sunday 20th May: We give the bikes and the riders a big send off! Seminars, debates, films, music and celebrations will set the scene for the grand start on May 21st, of a 5 day East to West, 302 km ride across Crete.

Monday 21st May: RIDE START Sitia - Ag. Nickolas, 62 km
Ag. Nickolas - Elounda 8.4 km for an evening of events.

Tuesday 22nd May: Elounda - Malia - Hersonissos - Heraklion 64 km with reception and events. Rider change over for DAY 3.

Wednesday 23rd May: Heraklion - Rethymnon 81 km (8 hours) THE BIG RIDE! With a grand evening reception and events!

Thursday 24th May: Rethymnon - Kalyves - Chania a gentle 37 km (4 hours) Coming home to Apokoronas and Chania!

Friday 25th May: Chania - Astrikas - Kissamos 25 km (3 hours) CELEBRATIONS FOR EVERYONE! 

(times and distances estimated from Google maps and subject to change)

Our brave Bamboo Bike Riders will stop at 5 main cities of Crete for celebrations and events to raise awareness of the pressing eco issues in urban Crete. People can learn about taking ‘green action’ in their town and #MakeCretePlasticFree.

The EU is helping cities to become better places to live and work and EU Green Week showcases practical developments on air quality, noise, nature and biodiversity, waste and water management. The aim is to promote networking, sharing new ideas and best practices by engaging local authorities, organizations, and local citizens, and encouraging them to share their vision of a sustainable future. #MakeCretePlasticFree #EUGreenWeek.

 BUILDce 4 Bamboo bikes will be built at ESA.
DAY 1: Setting up the building jig, selecting the tubing, shaping and cutting to form the two front and rear triangles of a bicycle.
DAY 2: Form all the lugs which join the bamboo together. Remove the frame from the jig.
DAYS 3 and 4: Finishing and assembling the components and fittings (wheels etc.)
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RIDEceWe welcome applications from suitably fit and healthy bike riders. We are looking for 8 riders to cover 302 km, East to West of Crete between 21st – 25th May, with rides between 3 and 6 hours.
DAY 1: Sitia to Elounda
DAY 2: Elounda to Heraklion
DAY 3: Heraklion to Rethymnon
DAY 4: Rethymnon to Chania
DAY 5: Chania to Kissamos
Please tell us which dates you can join us as one of the first ever 'Cretan Bamboo Bike Riders'.
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EVENTSce To follow the activities and news about the build and ride, register your interest on our FB events and join in the discussions and ideas.
If you would like to be on our 'Event Team' of event organizers at towns across Crete, or on the 'Ride Team' supporting our Bamboo Bike Riders.
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These Bamboo Bicycles are not available for sale – they are only available as a participatory building workshop. Each frame is custom designed to your measurements and you can build any style of bicycle (MTB, Road, Hybrid, Track, Fatbike). If you would like to build your own branded ‘Created in Crete’ Bamboo Bike contact us for sponsorship details.
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