'Showing Up'

At this website you can meet the wonderful TEDx speakers and see the titles of their  'Idea Worth Spreading' on the theme of Women 'Showing Up' in the world. 
You can see our programme of events and the  people making this event a reality.
On the last page of this site we will upload the TED YouTube Channel videos of each of our 10 speakers

Showing Up on 30th November 2018 

This pioneering event is the FIRST TEDxWomen event in Crete. 
We hope to inspire other future TEDxWomen community events in Greece, and other countries.

TEDxDrapanosWomen proudly presents

10 outstanding speakers, selected from over 100 initial applications, will share their 'Ideas worth spreading' in respect to Women Showing Up across the world, and in Crete.

Special guest speakers.

Displays of fine crafts and art by Cretan women.

Lunch provided by Cretan Fusion caterers, with a selection of Cretan wines from award winning local wineries.

This event takes place simultaneously with main stage TEDWomen2018 Palm Springs CA. Talks will be live-streamed from USA for the TEDxDrapanosWomen audience to watch in Crete.

Later everyone will celebrate with wonderful Cretan musicians 'Middle Earth' and dancing until late, in true Cretan style. 

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About Drapanos

Drapanos is a hill top rural village Cretan community, on the Drapanos - Kefalas mountain ridge, in the beautiful Apokoronas region. This small village, which is still 'rich' in  tradition, is the host location for the first ever TEDWomen event in Crete.
Surrounded by old olive groves and a stunning backdrop of the 2000m Lefki Ora mountains, the Drapanos community has evolved over the last decade to include a mix of international people who have chosen this Cretan village to be their home. 

Drapanos has been described as ‘seemingly lost in time, surely it is pure Crete and postcard perfect’. The small church and 2 family owned taverns are at the center of all year-round traditional community activities. During religious celebrations all the people of the village still, to this day, dance in the streets around broken plates. 

TEDx, x = independently organized event

Our Vision for Women 'Showing Up'

'Women the world over are no longer accepting the status quo. They're rising up, breaking out and pushing boundaries. Whatever their focus and talent — business, technology, art, science, politics — these pioneers and their allies are joining forces in an explosion of discovery and ingenuity to drive real, meaningful change'

The decade long crisis in Greece has been very painful. Women have been 'Showing Up' in new enterprises, in emotional supporting roles, mentoring and new skills teaching and much more. A new generation of young women have grown up  during the crisis and are shining as new leaders of change  for a more positive future in Greece.

The LIVE TEDx speakers of Drapanos Women are very different and also very similar to the LIVE TEDWomen speakers of Palm Springs.This event unites women across the globe in 'Showing Up' for a better world.

The Venue

The European Sustainability Academy (ESA) Drapanos is a purpose built, Off-Grid, bio-climatic designed, eco-building for international sustainability management and leadership training. 

ESA is also an immersive learning experience for sustainable living.

The walls are made of straw-bales, earth, handmade earth bricks, stone and sustainable sources wood.
ESA is only powered by the Cretan sunshine.

TEDxDrapanosWomen will be a #GreenTEDx event 
ESA Drapanos
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