'Showing Up'

At this website you can meet the wonderful TEDx speakers and see the titles of their  'Idea Worth Spreading' on the theme of Women 'Showing Up' in the world. 
You can see our programme of events and the  people making this event a reality.
On the last page of this site we will upload the TED YouTube Channel videos of each of our 10 speakers


About The Event 

List of Services

This wonderful event could not be possible without the commitment and enthusiasm from our event team and sponsors.

List of Services

Our People

TEDxDrapanosWomen can only be a success with the help of many people. This includes local people and small businesses in Drapanos, such as the Mini Market run by Roula and the two superb village tavernas run by Leonidas and Eleanora.

We will be looking for extra support, helpers and volunteers from beyond the community to help with:
IT support
Staging, lighting, sound expertise
Film and Video advisers
Speaker coaches
Catering/ hospitality service
And more…
Please follow TEDxDrapanosWomen Facebook page for announcements and calls for volunteers

The 'Our People' section of this website will be updated closer to the event date.

Sponsors and Supporters

We welcome sponsors to support this first ever TEDxWomen event in Greece. 
For Sponsorship Packages and benefits details, please contact our Co-Curator Magda Katopi.
During October and November we are looking for official event partners and sponsorship support with: 

Local transport in Crete
Staging, sound and lighting support
Event Media partners

Please follow TEDxDrapanosWomen Facebook page for Sponsorship announcements.

The 'Sponsors and Supporters' section of this  website will be updated closer to the event date.

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