'Showing Up'

At this website you can meet the wonderful TEDx speakers and see the titles of their  'Idea Worth Spreading' on the theme of Women 'Showing Up' in the world. 
You can see our programme of events and the  people making this event a reality.
On the last page of this site we will upload the TED YouTube Channel videos of each of our 10 speakers



Meet the people who make TEDxDrapanosWomen a reality

Meet the speakers for the first ever TEDxWomen event in Crete. 
The applications to speak, both in number and quality, were beyond all expectations.
These 10 finalists were selected through a rigorous application process.
From Greece, UK, India, USA and Dubai, all will talk about women 'Showing Up' in the world and all with relevance to the Cretan reality.
Please note that the  final 'TEDxTalk' Titles may change slightly before LIVE STAGE 30.11.18.

For more information about our speakers  please follow their 'More Info' links.
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