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Programmes Archive 2013

Summary of previous programmes and courses run at ESA

International Sustainability Summit
2nd – 4th October 2013

ESA 2nd annual International Sustainability Summit


Women Empowerment
September 2013

The inaugural 'ESA Women Empowerment Global Summit' This 2.5 day program was jointly organised by Carolina Rodrigues Barros, founder of 'Dare to Glow' and Sharon Jackson founder of ESA. ‘Dare to Glow’ is an international personal development and female leadership consultancy in Geneva.



Sustainable community currency
28th September 2013

Sustainable community currency and exchange workshop and knowledge sharing.

Business in Nature
July 2013

Globally unique 'Business in Nature' - understanding the importance of bees and engaging with nature. Practical, experiential workshops in collaboration with Apivita

Women in Business
June 2013

Women in Business 'Unlocking the spirit of female entrepreneurship' – Led by ESA founder and Director Sharon Jackson with Greek partners

Executive Leadership Retreat Business Sustainability
23rd – 26th May 2013

Executive Leadership Retreat Business Sustainability, Your role and how to drive change to embed strategy.

You are invited to be part of a senior level sustainability executive development retreat with a difference.

These two annual, exclusive, invitation-only events are specifically designed to help you develop your career and role in sustainable enterprise to its full potential. You will gain new techniques to help your company seize the opportunities of being a sustainable and responsible business.

These prestigious retreats are jointly organised between The European Sustainability Academy (ESA) and Stakeholder Intelligence. Numbers are strictly limited to 20 per retreat.


Sustainable Living
3rd – 7th May 2013

Sustainable Living – 'Energy 4 Life' health and wellbeing, coaching retreat for a re-energised and reinvigorated self. Including 'star watching and sky mapping' evening Saturday 4th May (subject to availability of astronomers).

This retreat has been designed for people who live busy lives and want to learn about how to manage their own stress and energy levels to help them feel 'supercharged' in their life. This includes people who own and run a business, people who are busy managers, people who manage busy households and families. Also, people who find the stresses and tensions of the chaos in the work simply exhausting and would like the opportunity for re-energisation and reinvigoration in a healthy place of sanctuary, harmony and natural beauty.



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Powered only by Cretan sunshine, ESA is a beautiful building rooted in the earth amongst ancient rocks and olive trees, surrounded by nature. Its construction is a leading example of sustainability in practice. ESA is an experiential and creative place where people feel enlivened, uplifted and creative. Great living and great learning happen at ESA. A perfect setting for:

Leading sustainable enterprise

Our passion is contributing towards co-created sustainable enterprise for positive impact on communities and the natural environment on a global scale. Leadership and entrepreneur issues of adaptation, resilience, authenticity, sustainable-self, values connected sense-making and the continued emancipation of women (WISE) to take up more leadership roles in the world are at the core of the ESA sustainability experience.

Make sense of sustainability

Crete is the sustainable destination of the past and of the future.

Home of the Minoans, one of the earliest civilisations on earth, nestled between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Crete is rich with mythology, gastronomy, music, art and agriculture. You can have your own authentic experience of a sustainable lifestyle and feel first-hand the strong connection between nature and community.