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Women Empowerment September 2013


September 2013 was the inaugural ‘ESA Women Empowerment Global Summit’ This 2.5 day program was jointly organised by Carolina Rodrigues Barros, founder of 'Dare to Glow' and Sharon Jackson founder of ESA. ‘Dare to Glow’ is an international personal development and female leadership consultancy in Geneva.

This event for 'UNLOCKING WOMEN'S POTENTIAL TO CREATE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS IN CHAOTIC TIMES' will become an annual ESA event and award ceremony.

The event was attended by African Royals Muzvare Betty Makoni of Zimbabwe and Princess Duen Adedoyin of Nigeria.

The princesses talked of their work with their charity 'Girl Child Network Worldwide' which helping young girls to gain confidence and develop skills to overcome poverty and to escape from domestic abuse.

Attendee from Africa, Argentina, Geneva, Greece and, UK shared intense learning and peer group knowledge exchange. Dare to Glow Director Carolina Rodriguez Barros facilitated story telling circles and ceremonies including 'gratitude dinner' and 'intention setting' using methods she had learned with the wise grandmothers in Mongolia and Guatemala.

The objectives of the WE programme are:

  • To manifest a new world through Women's Empowerment
  • To embracing the catalysts for women to lead the way out of global crisis.


Fisika award


THE FIRST WE AWARD: Outstanding achievement for women in Crete was presented to the founders of Cretan natural personal care products business Fisika from Tavronites.



During their first visit to Crete the Princesses visited the Orthodox Academy of Crete in Kolombari to discuss the importance of encouraging more women to gain qualifications in science in Greece and Africa.

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